Friday, August 11, 2006

Stolen from Emily

Emily had this link posted over at her blog. Go say thanks to a soldier whether you support the war or not. Being away from your family is a huge sacrifice and we should all be grateful for what they do. I'm not going to climb on my soapbox about war and administrations simply because there are others who can do so better. As the mother-in-law (ok, stepMIL) to a career Air Force man, I know how hard it can be when the troops are deployed. I've sent my thanks along with thanking my father and Hubster for their stints.

Posts may be non-existent for the next few days. Mid-August is always a rough time for me and I find it a little easier to cope with if I limit my creative endeavors a bit. I'll be back soon, maybe sooner than I think.


Blogger Jane said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

8/12/2006 12:07 AM  
Blogger lworley416 said...

You know I'm praying already...could you get one yellow rose for her from me?

8/12/2006 1:39 AM  

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