Saturday, August 05, 2006


When it comes to knitting, I almost never have multiple projects on the needles. It drives me batty. (be quiet, Lynn and Jan!) However, lately the need to downsize the "stuff" about the house has been quite strong so I have cast on several projects to make room for "new stuff" AKA more crafting materials at some point.
A top-down baby raglan using leftover Elann Essential (I think) sock yarn. I fear it will be too tiny for even the smallest of preemies but I trudge ahead just the same. If it is too small, I am sure a little girl somewhere would love a new sweater for her doll or bear.

The ever-popular Jaywalker Socks, which I swore I would never make because I had being a follower. That was until I saw a similar pair in blogland using the exact same Knitpicks Simple Stripe yarn in Storm. At Christmas, I had purchased the SS sampler they were offering. The only color left in the stash was this "Storm".(Also, the last full skeins of sock yarn!) My apologies to the blogger whose socks inspired me to make a pair. I can't remember whose blog it was or if it's even one of my regular reads.This was just cast on last night in a fit of startitis.
A 100% cotton baby blanket which is coming in off gauge and therefore may become a Christmas gift for a bigger person. From the Vogue Baby Blankets book pictured. A quick, easy and fun knit for the most part. I can crank out two 8" squares in a day if I want. I have a cone of Peaches 'n Cream white cotton which will serve as the third color. In order to finish this, I will have to purchase more blue and green yarn at some point but since Walmart carries them both, it can be a last minute thing.

Which brings us to Miss E's vintage cardi. The back and both fronts are complete. They all knit up quickly but I am bored with it already. One sleeve is languishing rather leisurely on the needles right now about a quarter done. Every day I work another few rows then lay it aside in favor of something different. Must be just the summer blahs. I hope they pass quickly.


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