Monday, June 05, 2006

Wildlife goes City

We live in small-town America, right on the edge of the "city" limits. From our dining room window, I can watch white tail deer about 1/5 mile away on the hillside. Routinely, we see wild rabbits and host a variety of birds in the yard. Remember, I grew up on a farm so wildlife is not news worthy normally. Until this afternoon, that is. Miss E was outside playing away, like she usually does, when suddenly she comes flying in the house yammering about a racoon in the tree ABOVE the dog. HUH? Sure as shit, there it was. Make it there THEY were. Two small racoons up in the tree directly above the so-called watch dog. (We won't discuss his lack of watching right now. He's elderly and well, was probably lonely) The first picture, the critter is very easy to see. I am not sure if J photoshop'd it or took it at night before they left (We hope!). The others you really have to look for them as I am not very handy with photoshop and J's in bed. The middle pic, the critter is in the "Y" of the tree, the bottom one, look in the leaves about the middle of the picture.

This is how we spent our afternoon, watching the racoons sleep and try to stay put during the stiff breezes. It was rather amusing but took me away from other things so I certainly hope they found their way home tonight and do not return since not only were they above the dog but also above the swing set which meant NO swinging for E all afternoon long. Ever try to take a swing from a 6 year old? Worse than when we were trying to take the pacifier from her!!

Never a dull moment, I keep telling ya'll that, don't I??!!


Anonymous Emily said...

Racoons are SO cute. We just have ugly old possums. And bunnies that eat the roses.

6/07/2006 9:42 AM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Emily, you may have all the raccoons out of my yard that you can carry. Heck, I'll even mail you a few.

True to the 'twin' thing, we had 'coons in our yard. One thought he'd like to sleep in the garage, the other wanted to hang out in the tree.

Arnie, the dog who was supposed to watch, decided to retrieve. He ate bark off one side of the tree, trying to get them.

There seems to be no end to the wacky things around here.

6/08/2006 11:44 PM  

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