Sunday, June 04, 2006

Needle Case

Hey, Bron!! Some pictures! Not exactly KIP but knitting related.

I do not know why I have lost the ability to take a better picture unless it is the cloudy late afternoon light. This is a needle case just whipped together off the top of my head using some lovely yellow scraps I picked up at my favorite quilt shop a while ago. The outside has both beautiful roses AND a scene of children with sheep (think shepherd and his mate). The inside is white muslin while the pocket is a very pale yellow ticking stripe. It will hold either straight or dpns, ties shut with white satin ribbon. And it is up for grabs! Price: $12.50 which includes first-class shipping within the USA. (I prefer Paypal but will consider other options, just ask) Please email me because blogger sometimes refuses to forward comments: sewjillquiltsATverizonDOTcom.

Similar cases will appear in this space as time allows (and if the first one sells). It feels stunning to sit and sew again. Although with my hearing loss, I am wondering if my machine is ok or if it just sounds "off" to me. We never really realize what we have until it is gone, do we?


Anonymous Bron said...

What a lovely case! See, with you, it's not the quantity of pictures that counts, it's the quality. ;)

6/04/2006 10:03 PM  

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