Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Answers,Batteries and Cooking

I still have problems with Blogger letting me know I have comments. I do like to reply when I can so:

To A. who asked if we were still planning on a move: YES. When we find the right house. I have a very specific area in mind but see very few houses available to rent there right now. I also have a very, very specific list of things the next house will have so we may be another year or so yet. :::sob:::

To Miss Amy and Emily who both commented about KP's needles: I am still having mixed feelings about it. About KP in general. I am constantly drawn to them based solely on prices, which is what happens when you live on a fixed income. I am not happy with the fact that so many of their products are made in other countries or their customer service for the most part. My last encounter with Ms Randi did redeem customer service from KP a bit but not enough to overshadow some of the past.

To Red Sock Mama: BRING ON THE PJ PARTY!! Honestly, I had considered asking you after Christmas if you had an empty bed somewhere in that huge house of yours...I needed to be physically away from the demands of this house but after catching up with you a bit, I see it worked out for the best that I didn't ask. Please know that you, M. and the family are in my prayers.

Helen: Pics are coming IF the girls ever remember to charge the batteries for the camera! And only if you promise to not comment on my lump-plumpness! ;o)

Ren: You ornery girl, you! I owe you a thanks for the surprise you sent me through Kelli (or is it Kelly? I never remember those spellings!). Maybe one day a surprise will find its way to you.

And finally, Lynn...yes, Aunt magic is pretty powerful stuff. A certain spoiled little girl refuses to let me put B'ella away, even for a night, after all these years.

Batteries, batteries, who ate my batteries? Early last spring, after using entirely too many disposable batteries in the digital camera, I bought a small charger with the correct batteries. Someone lost one battery so we are down to only 3. Factor in a teenage girl and her boyfriend always using the camera for silly pics and well, Mama rarely gets to use the camera anymore. And wouldn't you know, I have another pair of socks finished needing their beauty shots? That's 3 pairs this month alone and yes, one pair is almost knee socks.

Am trying my hand at homemade yogurt today, thanks to Thicket Dweller's Time to Cook blog. The girls would live on yogurt alone if we could afford it so after reading what TD wrote, quizzing her a bit and gathering some courage, yogurt is now incubating in a quart jar in the oven. I'm crossing my fingers it turns out well since I shelled out over $4 for a bag of frozen blueberries last night. It sounded good, blueberry yogurt that is. And I am not a yogurt fan by any means. Hopefully homemade will convert me.

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Blogger Red Sock Mama said...

We are over it...and ready to do something fun. My door is always open, my coffee always hot and if need be, we can raid the fridge in the garage for (ahem) other beverages. Come raid my stash!

1/16/2007 3:12 PM  
Blogger a. said...

hey, a is me, amanda. i don't know what blogger did to the rest of my name :o(

glad to see you're back up and going! and the yogurt...uhm we love it and i had bookmarked the same recipe from thicket dweller so i expect a full report.

and yarn...i've gobs of it and i owe you. don't be afraid to email because my mi stash-o es tu stash-o.

1/16/2007 3:24 PM  
Blogger Ren said...

i was looking through my bloglines feeds today and realized that somehow you got deleted! i have NO idea how that happened because i certainly wouldn't have done it. stupid bloglines! i have to remember to fix that when i get back to my room!

you're welcome, of course! and she's kelli... it is a bit hard to keep track, though, since i know a blogger kelly as well. : )

i have a battery charger, too, but i've found that the batteries don't really hold their charge anymore. i was pretty bummed about that! i may need a new set.

and good luck with the yogurt!

1/17/2007 12:38 PM  

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