Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Calling all sock knitters

For the first time in a very long time, there are no socks languishing on my needles. In fact, there are a mere two projects actually hanging from some needles and neither is particularly captivating. Heck, one of them is on the verge of being pitched because it's ugly, acrylic (Yes, I am a yarn snob now!) and I hate it. The only thing preventing the pitchage is the fact that someone, somewhere could use a scarf no matter how ugly or unliked the yarn. What does any of this have to do with socks, you ask. Well, I have all this lovely, beautiful sock yarn in the cedar chest crying out to be given form. Last week, when all my handknit socks were in the dirty clothes and I was forced to wear some store-bought, white socks, I remembered why I hate those and love,love, love my own creations. My feet stay warmer. Plus it was a wake-up call to get laundry done and decide on a new sock. My question to all you sock-knitting friends is: How many pairs do you personally wear that are knit from the same pattern? I have a lot of self-striping yarns (which I love)...I really like the challenges of stitch patterns but often find myself wondering if maybe, just maybe I shouldn't have stuck with the basic 56 st sock.

So, what is your favorite pattern and why?

Speaking of socks, I rounded up the various knitting things over the weekend in a pathetic attempt to become organized. Guess what I found! The Susan Bates Sock DPN I bought at some point. The depressing part is that while I now know I have smaller needles, I am not inclined to use them. I hate metal dpns, especially for socks. In the stash of stuff, I found my grandmother's collection of oddball knitting needles. My NON-knitting grandmother. One gma knit, the other crocheted. Why the crochet gma had these is anyone's guess. She could knit but I never, ever remember seeing her without her crochet hook. And why I haven't sent these needles away is a mystery. That ancient, sort-of plastic stuff...balene maybe? Whatever they are made from, I wouldn't knit with them. Mabye someday I'll find someone who'd like them.


Blogger Jane said...

Ok, looks like that didnt work so I'll try it again. If the needles you have are the original balene ones, you'll find lots of enthusiastic takers on KnitList or ebay. As for socks, despite whatever decorative pattern, I use the same "sock formula" I derived from Lucy Neatby's "Simply Splendid Sock" in Cool Socks, Warm Feet. So basically, all my socks are identical.

2/22/2006 4:10 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

I have triangular feet...flat and wide in the front, narrow in the back. Store bought socks never felt right. It took a lot of experimenting before I came up with the perfect pattern on sixty stitches with a 3/2 rib. I love the way they fit, so I don't change a thing...that's why I love wild yarn, at least they are different.

Tony's feet are just like mine only twice as long. I have a pattern for him too, the rest of my family gets experiments in sockology.

I have gotten I make them match. For a long time, I felt that if they were made of the same yarn, that was close enough!

2/22/2006 11:11 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

I don't have that many socks that I've knitted. My first pair are huge, ugly and fall off my feet so... they are officially "bed socks".

I knitted one pair of sockapal2za socks so I don't have possession of them.

I made Dana a pair of slipper socks and I now have officially two pair of handmade socks of my very own. I was and rewash them all the time but they are different patterns. I don't think I'd mind if I had multiples in the same pattern.

Other examples of multiples in the same pattern: Cara over at january one. That chic is knitting like eleventeen million pairs of Jaywalker socks.

My thoughts... there your feet and your hands. Knit whatever pattern you like knitting and whatever pattern you like wearing.

2/23/2006 8:40 PM  

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