Wednesday, April 18, 2007

SOLD For Sale-Straight Knitting Needles

THESE HAVE SOLD. THANK YOU, ASHLEY!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAn assortment of used knitting needles from my cedar chest. Some of these are from my orginal stash and some are from my late grandmother's who began knitting in the 20's, if not earlier. I detest using straight needles now that I'm older so these must go to help fund other pursuits. Included in this lot are: all sizes are:
1 pair US 15
I pair US 10 1/2
1pair US 10
4 pairs US 8 (I think one pair may be Balene?)
1 pair US 7
1 pair US 6
3 pairs US 5 (again, I think a pair may be Balene)
4 pairs US 4 (again, maybe a pair of Balene)
1 pair US 3
Miscellenous singletons, dpns and stitch holders. (I know somewhere there are brand new, still on the card, Lion Brand cable needles. They are NOT pictured but will be included)

I had listed these on ebay and they did not sell. I really do not want to send these to the Goodwill because I doubt they would remain together in pairs. I'd love to see $12 for them, including 1st class shipping in the USA. Or I'll trade them for some fat quarters (I'm looking for a few from Moda's Spring Fling by Me and My Sister)...or what have you???

Email me: sewjillquiltsATverizonDOTnet. I'm sure you know how to translate that into a real, working addy.


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