Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One Yard Fabric Swap

I am a truly terrible blogger these days. This wonderful package from Joni arrived last week as part of the One Yard Fabric Swap. Joni really outdid herself with this one! 2 beautiful retro fabrics-one has DUCKS on it, a tape measure, stitch markers she made, chocolate, buttons, ribbon and the neatest wooden bowl. Oh, and the best scented soap ever! I am leaning towards a new apron with my pretty fabric when I have the time to sew for me. The wooden bowl is in use as a sock yarn ball holder when I want to knit during school. It is perfect for that! Hold the ball, the sock in progress, a tin of stitch markers, a tape measure and my index card of notes on the project. Completely portable and neat, just what I needed. Thank you, Joni!

Yesterday was Miss E's 7th birthday. 7, already? Surely that cannot be. Why just a month ago I was toting her to the lab for that bilirubin test every day or so for weeks. Wasn't her first smile last night? E, you are a delight (like your sisters). You are the source of never-ending amazement and wonder for me. Quick with a smile, fast with the comebacks and smart as a whip, I am proud to be your mama. You are a beautiful princess!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and comments on the outfit I made for Amanda's darling daughter. It always shocks and amazes me how nicely my work is received. To me, it's just something I do and as I am sure most crafting folks would agree, I can always find about 50 tiny flaws that to me are just screaming out "She is awful". So, Princess G, wear it in good health and enjoy. Don't go looking for the flaws either! lol


Blogger amanda said...

Happy Birthday to E! I hope it is a great one and that she is treated royally :o)

And the package from Joni is fabulous! I love the wooden bowl idea -- so very unique! Enjoy your new fabrics!

10/26/2006 4:37 PM  

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