Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rain, GO. AWAY.

I am tired of the rain. Fed freakin' up with it. Summer is the only time I have the house to myself even a tad, but if it rains, everyone is indoors. I want my space. Without some space and time, I become the Royal BiOtch as J says.

Even with the rain, I managed some sewing today. A pair of pj pants for E, elastic in 3 pairs of atheletic shorts for J&R, a pattern resized, cut out and partially sewn together. A tier skirt for moi in a red, white and blue print. Seemed fitting to do a R,W&B thing on the 4th. Wouldn't ya know, after all my careful list making for restocking the stash, I found out I am out of 1" ribbon. Darn! Had planned on using it to make the casing for the elastic but oh, well, I will just do something else.

Speaking of RW&B creations, head over to see Kerstin and her ITMFA bag. Follow her links of info about impeaching the Massive Failures (trying to keep it a smidge clean here for once). Do your part to get America back on the right track...ITMFA! No better time than July 4th to remember why our country was founded, the reasons our forefathers fled the motherland and the reason the CONSTITUTION was written: FREEDOM. How free are we?? Ponder that awhile...


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