Sunday, July 16, 2006

Go to bed already!

I am fairly certain that the kidlets dwelling in this house have not gone to sleep before 2AM in over a week. A 48 hour sleep-over kicked things off right with a make-over fest. (See evidence: Beautiful, no? We Duckwomen just do not wear makeup. I gave it up years ago when I worked in a grease-factory known as McDonald's. Just seemed pointless to clog my pores with makeup when the air was doing a fine job of it alone. Anyhow, the girls had invited over a former constant companion who just happens to be taking modeling classes. Modeling classes evidently involve classes for applying insane amounts of goop to one's face. Sure, the girls looked nice afterwards but it took 3 days of eye-makeup remover to get all the mascara and eyeliner off. I'm just saying is all.

In other news, I finished another pair of LL socks but the weather has generally sucked until today for pictures. And wouldn't you know it, today I broke the little toe on my left foot so the snap and pain of that drained all picture taking thoughts right out of my head. Well, that and the lure of a homemade oatmeal pie, egg salad and sleep. I am such a great cook, I amaze myself.

Let's see, I've also signed up for Yarn Aboard II and cannot wait to get my match. Mad, wild props out to Amanda for putting this together again. I have to say that it is the perfect swap for those on a limited income. One box, one amount to spend and endless joy. What more could a swapper ask for? Perfect timing as well since I am down to about 2 socks worth of yarn. (I have promised R I will order more girly sock yarns and get cracking on hers as soon as I have my match for YAII. One huge order or several smaller ones from different companies, will see)I am not a good yarn stasher. Fabric, I can horde until the cows come home and take flying lessons from the pigs but yarn just does not stash well here. Maybe it is because I am finding I truly love knitting smaller projects like socks and baby stuff rather than adult sweaters and afghans. Portable is the buzz word for knitting.

Sewing is moving along as well. I have another summer top for myself nearly done. Still tweaking that same pattern because I am comfortable working with it enough to change it blindly. I whipped up a halter top for E which she loves and I hate. Butterick patterns have always been the most confusing for me, even the "very easy" ones. This one was no exception. Took me about 5 days of working, laying it aside due to frustration, re-reading every direction to get it done. It SHOULD have been an afternoon at most. One tiny seam kept f*cking things up so I wrote up new, better instructions to put with the pattern for next summer. Yep, it's a pattern she will wear for years to come yet which is one of the ways I keep sewing clothes cost down. Simple, basic, classic patterns that can be modified easily to mimic the latest style in many sizes. A package of tissue paper, a roll of scotch tape from the dollar store, a few hours of tracing time and presto! Major savings just in patterns alone. Sure, real pattern tracing paper exists but around here that requires a special order from some faraway company. Tissue paper can almost always be found cheap. I have fused it to interfacing before but usually just trace off another piece if one gets damaged. No biggie.

Hopefully, pictures will follow. Maybe socks in the garden with weeds, bean blossoms and tomatoes???


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