Sunday, March 12, 2006

Risa's WIP Wipe-Out

I love it when I can join in on blogland's fun and not blow the budget. Thanks to Risa, I now have even more motivation to get those pesky WIPS moved over to FOS. Go see her for the neat-o button and easy to follow rules. (Although I'm sorta certain you can save the button to your own server from here, I'm also not always the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to blogland and I do not want to piss Risa off...kinda like to stay on her good side. lol)


Blogger Jane said...

Well, you have been busy lately! My bloglines has been acting up, so I've missed a bunch of your postings (sorry). My husband has SAD, and I'm looking forward to the time change because then he'll feel much better - and maybe it will help you, too. Email soon - I promise!

3/13/2006 10:36 AM  

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