Sunday, February 26, 2006

February socks, pair 4

YES! Another finished pair of socks in the month of February. Can you believe it? I think these are my favorite socks now.
Vital stats:
Knitpicks Sock Garden in Pansy
Addi Turbos US 2
basic 56 st sock
6" of ribbing for cuff
Half hankerchief (V) heel from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks
Round toe from same source
Total time spent: 2 days
Let me tell you, if you haven't tried this yarn yet, ORDER SOME TODAY! It is the softest thing I have felt in forever, warms the feet instantly, knits like a dream (no splitting) and well, I am a Knitpicks groupie so it should be no surprise I like it. But the best reason of all to love these socks: the yarn came in my box of goodies from Jan. HUGE SMILES.

It appears we have a bug of some type going around our house. Rockin' R awoke in the middle of the night, vomiting. Poor kidlet is camping out on the La-Z-Boy couch near the bathroom. Innsie, bitty fever and a little aching. I fear I am next as my stomach is queasy and I'm tired. Oh, wait, being tired is just part of who I am, isn't it?! Duh!

Back to knitting, as soon as the Pansy socks came off the needles and onto my ice-berg feet, I cast on for another pair of basic, boring 56 st socks using some Regia I'd gotten from Emily a while ago. Can I finish them before March 1? That is the goal but it will be a tight finish since I am going this pair one at a time on my 2 circs. No ball winder or yardage meter at Chez Duck and frankly, I am not about to measure that 100gr into equal amounts then wind by hand. No siree buddy. Just. NOT.GOING.TO.DO.IT. Call me lazy. Or call me motivated to just do it. I want new socks pronto!


Blogger Jane said...

Good grief! At this rate you are going to beat my record for number of socks knit in a year! They look great. I haven't tried the KnitPicks sock yarn yet, but it's on the list!

2/26/2006 11:31 AM  
Anonymous Liz said...

How the jicima do you knit a pair of socks in two days? Do you not sleep, woman?!
They look great. :)

2/26/2006 1:01 PM  

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