Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tackling a new skill on my own, again, seems to be just what I need. Feeling rather smug, I have been laboring moving along with this project. Far from perfect, I am still delighted with the progress and more importantly with the fact that I am STILL working on it despite the fact that I should have frogged it back to the ribbing. Foolish me could not understand why I'd want to work with the same size needles I use for socks. I thought a tighter fabric was in order. About halfway up the thumb gore, I switched to the US2s and BINGO! things are better. As you can see, I'm using a pattern from Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens book. And not one of the "easier" patterns near the front of the chapters either, I might add.

Sorry for the poor photo quality there-> Guess that is what I get for trying to use the dark/night/poor light feature of J's digi cam and not knowing what I was doing. Believe me, it's the better of the two detail shots I took. Even though Ms Schurch advises beginners choose a pattern near the front of the book, none of this seems overly difficult once the gauge issue is resolved. Silly me, I prefer to just forge ahead instead of swatching in the round. I do not mind swatching flat but in the round? Forgetta 'bout it! Other than having the gauge issue after the ribbing, this is a moral boosting project! Yarn making itself the guniea pigs: leftover Sock Garden from Jan and the unloved sock yarn Liz sent me.

And this is one of the current sewing projects. I am still searching for an affordable source of 6" diameter round handles to complete this bag. It will be jumping in the yarn aboard box for my swapee (is that a word?)when the time comes. Rumor has it that she likes flamingos. It was not in my orginal plan to make a bag but then I found this fabric and just knew it would make the perfect bag for her. I think it will be the ideal size for KIP, especially with the round handles. Slide it on the arm and away you go. In fact, I am toying with possibly making several with some modifications as gifts, prizes and/or to sell. Send me your suggestions, what you'd love in a knitting bag, what you hate about the one you use, do you like them stiff, quilted or what? What would you be willing to pay for a handcrafted orginal? Should actual fabric choices be available or just a list of colors with the "please, allow me to choose a fabric for you" notation? Whimsical or not? Email me: sewjillquiltsATverizonDOTnet. I have several ideas bouncing around for drafting my own pattern and what I think I'd like but since this could become a source of income for me, I want input from others. Some research and development, ya know?

Thanks for the comments about being down, dejected and discouraged. Several of you have it right: those of us who are thrifty and/or self-taught have every right to "snub" the rest of the world. Your kind words did help inspire the muse to return. I have dusted off Athena, as you can see for yourself. The needles are plenty busy...5 WIPS. I could just plotz over that number alone. One wip is in need of a longer circ, the rest are in rotation competition with the mittens since that book will have to be returned shortly. Athena has been singing her little heart out over having work to do again. She is "helping" me make myself two bags as well as the Flamingo Wonder. I have gotten away from using a bag or purse for the most part but found my Liz Claiborne bag is just not what I want for KIP so why not make one for myself? One bag will be similar to the Flamingo Wonder in "Jill colors" and the other, well, I am calling it my first piece of usable art. Truly different from both my usual tastes and methods. Depending on the weather, it may be finished up this week...if I'm not too busy felling trees, clearing brush and trying to work up the garden spot a bit. Which reminds me, I'd better bring my work boots in off the porch to dry out some before tomorrow morning. YIKES!


Blogger onewise___woman said...

So happy to have you back blogging....
missed you this week

as for the rounds? what about those plastic frames for crossstitch ? they make some pretty colors in plastic just like the wooden ones. you could just turn the connecter part into the fabric so it wouldn't show. Haven't bought any for many a moon so can't remember how costly they are... they sell them in all the craft stores...

or check the local thrift store, sometimes the most unusual solution will appear...

love your mittens... do you do toques ??
lol just razzing ya... lots a peoples don't seem to know what a toque is..

3/12/2006 10:32 PM  
Blogger jill said...

Thanks for the welcome back. Sometimes I hit the silence rather than inflict my sour moods on the world.

Isn't a toque a hat? I definitely can see some colorwork hats in my future if the mitten continues to go well. ;o)

As for a craft store, the only such place in this town is WalMart and well...ya know how I feel about them. The girls have a dentist appt later this week so I'll try and pick something up then. I did hit the Goodwill today, hoping to find something that would work but no luck. That's the only thrift shop for about 20 minutes around. The joys of living in a small town.

3/12/2006 11:27 PM  

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