Thursday, March 16, 2006

Messy Mitten

My first attempt at Photoshop and it sucks. But it gets the idea across, I think. I started these mittens on some Susan Bates dpns from the fab-not-so-tabulous set I picked up at JA's months ago. Not so fantastic because you have to guess as to what size needle you handy-dandy little chart or key to tell you pinkish is a 00 or whatever. The ribbing is wonderful, nice, snug and flexible like ribbing should be on a mitten. The body of the mitten until the needle change mark is horribly snug, no elasticity at all. BUT the stitch definition is awesome. I love the way it looks but of course, my photography skills aren't up to par lately either. After I switched to the US2 dpns, things got better stretch-wise but the quality looks like I was drunk and sniffing glue at the time. When I finished up the two-tone socks last night, I immediately started working those Addi 2s into the mix. Much easier to wrestle only two needles with the two yarns, the stitches look better already but I am no longer loving this project. Too many inconsistentancies with too many things. Do I dare continue and hope that some charity will completely overlook the fact this this mitten is just awful? Or do I go with my gut, frog it and move ahead? Frogging it will increase my WIP Wipe-Out count to "2", I think. Ideas? Suggestions? Booze? (Oh, where is Lorette when you need her? She would be the perfect person to help me find the correct drink for this endeavor I think. Grin)


Blogger Jane said...

Very nifty mittens! I gotta get on the colorwork bandwagon soon.

3/17/2006 11:44 AM  

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