Monday, June 18, 2007

The List

I am a complusive list maker. Not that I can always lay my hands on it when I need it, but there is always a list in progress. A grocery list, a chore list, a book list, a WIP list. You get the idea. My father is the same way. I laugh to see him coming up the walk with his list in one hand, pencil in the other. He literally crosses things off as we go over them. And his list is literally an entire sheet of paper. Genetic?

Yesterday's list was a mish-mash of chores and to-do's. It went something like this:

Load GW stuff
Scrub Kitchen sink
Scrub bathroom
gather library stuff
set up serger (borrowed from an aunt. Lord I miss owning one!)
cut out doll clothes
pick up pictures (errand for Dad)
clean out fridge
make applesauce (to use up apples about to go completely bad)
boil potatoes for casserole
make chilli
make muffins
finish doll legs
fry up turkey

The bold items are the ones I actually accomplished. I also shot the breeze with Dad and a couple of friends. I napped and read Ahab's Wife a bit.

On the list for today:
All the left-over things from yesterday plus laundry. We leave in something like 19 days for Michigan. Why is it that the to-do list grows so much before a trip? And the number of lists multiplies rapidly too! We've got a "must get" list, a grocery list, a packing list and a "we wanna do this with Gram" list. No wonder all I want to do once we get there is sleep. lol.



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