Tuesday, May 15, 2007


First up, for Christy's peace of mind, a shot of my first attempt at the HSP'07 sock. I was unhappy with the first 2, yes 2, attempts so I've switched patterns and am to the heel turn now. After frogging this one twice, I realized that all I had to do to make it fit properly was add 8 stitches but after the second one, I was too p.o'd to try that pattern again. Besides that, I think the pattern I choose ( Brainylady's Basic Cable Sock) might appeal to my partner more anyhow. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Burgundy and let me say that is some YUMMY yarn!

Now for some actual finished work, (no more teasers in this post, I promise!). A summer top for E. from Simplicity 4208, view B. 100% cotton print from Joann's with ric-rac trim at the bottom above the ruffle. She now has 3 tops from this pattern and loves them all. Very cute, easy and fun, especially now that I have a gathering foot for Athena.

Next up, summer pjs and/or a top. E won't wear shorts outside to play, only skirts but she likes to sleep in shorts. Weird, I know. The top is from McCalls 5419, view B. I modified the straps after she complained of the bows coming untied on a dress from this pattern. I simply measured the straps of the below dress and used that number to create a bias strap/binding. The shorts are from Kwik Sew's Sewing for Kids book. Both have bias binding in place of hems, the top even sports a size tag while the shorts have a bias loop in the back to help her remember which side goes where. Very easy trick to use in children's clothing. Short version: take a piece of bias tape or soft ribbon about 3-4 inches long. Loop in half, insert cut ends into casing OR back center seam, stitch and presto! No more pants on backwards. A Sharpie marker can be used to mark size and pattern number if desired (a ballpoint pen works but fades after a while in my experience)

Now the dress that nearly drove me to drinkin'. Simplicity 5641, view E minus the ruffles on straps and bodice. First of all, pattern envelope sizes, actual piece sizes and measurements do not add up. I have had this problem with several patterns this spring and well, it pisses me off royally. This dress does not fit E as I would like but she loves it so I'm letting it go at that. The zipper took 5 tries to get in correctly thanks largely to screwy directions and not having done a zipper in years. Again, 100% cotton print from Joann's, ric-rac braided for straps.

Blurry close-up of braided ric-rac straps. E wanted ric-rac on this dress so badly but I felt the print was busy enough so we compromised on the straps. She choose the colors from my box of ric-rac and I braided them together followed by a straight stitch down the center to keep them braided after washing. This is one of her outfits for vacation in July. She refuses to wear it before then for fear it will get stained before Gram sees her in it.

And finally, for Thicket Dweller, the Rugters tomatoes I started from seed. I've tried for years to do this with no success. Being a hard-head has advantages at times. I really don't know why it worked this time but these are about a month old now, in need of repotting for a short time before I plop them in the ground. ALL but 1 seed germinated, I've thinned them twice now. Can't wait to taste them come late July/early August.

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Blogger Jane said...

Everything is so cute, but that pink dress is my favorite.

5/16/2007 8:09 PM  

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