Saturday, June 16, 2007

HSP Arrived

The mailman brought boxes yesterday. Stuff J ordered from Amazon earlier this week and a box for me from Becca containing my HSP'07 sock. Wildfoote yarn, which I haven't tried before, M&Ms, notepad, barretts for the little one and the pattern from Knitpicks (twisted sock, I think).

I have fulfilled my HSP obligations. I blogged about the sock I knit (well, once), I packed and shipped the box on time, kept in contact with my swappee and blogged about the box I received. It was NOT hard to do by any stretch, even on our fixed income. All together, I spent probably less than 8 hours on the entire project which included sewing a tote bag, tissue holder, zippered sock bag and eyeglass case as well as knitting the sock. Which took 3 tries to find the perfect pattern. Christy hosts an awesome swap and is a terrific lady.

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Anonymous Emily said...

Michael likes WildFoote a bunch, his favorite socks were made from it.

The Hurricane Swap is a fun swap!

6/19/2007 7:34 AM  

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